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Business Strategy

This guides will help you identify business sources covering strategy, company information, and more.

Research Current Company Developments

Where to look for company information?

  • Search the library's business databases for current and historical company information.  
  • Company websites include history, annual reports, press releases, and other information about the company's activities.  Keep in mind, however, that the company website is also a marketing tool and typically presents the company in a very positive light. 
  • News outlets, including CNN, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and others. Although you may find useful content freely available, some information from these sources may only be available to subscribers.  Check the library catalog first for full-text access!

Off-campus Access

Remember, as a student, faculty or staff member you can access the databases, ebooks, and ejournals from off campus.  When asked for a login, use your Eagle ID

Find Articles in the Library - a short tutorial

Tips for identifying search terms

Database providers continuously strive to streamline the research process, so  don't forget to check the Help links.  Consider these steps for creating a list of relevant words and terms:

  • Try to state your information need in a sentence, question, or phrase and identify the key terms:

 What impact does advertising have on childrens' diets?

  • Think of other words that describe your topic.  Information found in encyclopedias, for example, would be helpful.   Search the Library catalog for your topic and encyclopedias (i.e. ethics AND encyclopedias). You could also consult a thesaurus.

advertising marketing
childrens adolescents
impact effect
diets food choices

  • Use Boolean operators* (AND, OR) to combine synonymous terms:


  advertising OR marketing
AND childrens OR adolescents
AND impact OR effect
AND diets OR food choices