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Qualitative vs Quanitative


Quantitative data is information that you can measure. It’s numbers –something you can count. Because it’s countable it can be reliable evidence. Examples include:

  • How many people took part?
  • How much did it cost?
  • How long did it run for?
  • Average attendance at each programme session?


Qualitative data is information about qualities, you can’t count it. That is, it’s information about how people feel about something. Examples include:

  • Sharing what people like about a programme.
  • How they think it could be improved.
  • What difference it has made to their lives.
  • Whether they would recommend the programme to others.

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How can I search for these studies?

Basic Search for Qualitative Studies in CINAHL

Screenshot of search in CINAHL database. showing search boxes




Basic Search for Quantitative Studies in CINAHL

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Consider additional words to your search such as: ethnograph*, phenomenol*,  grounded theor*, purposive sample, hermeneutic*, heuristic*, semiotics, lived experience*, narrative*, life experiences, cluster sample, observational method*, content analysis, field stud*, theoretical sample, discourse analysis, focus group*, interview, ethnomethodolog*


by Kat Phillips - Penn State University