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Free tool to help organize and save citations

What's ZoteroBib?

ZoteroBib is a free and easy way to create bibliographies without the need to register an account or install any software.  Format your bibliography in any of the 9,000 available styles, then copy and paste it into your paper.

Use Zoterobib when:

  • You need to create a simple bibliography for an assignment
  • You don't need all of the features of regular Zotero
  • You can't (or don't want to) install software to your device

How do I use Zoterobib?

Screenshot of the Cite toolbar in ZoteroBib.

Go to

Use ZoteroBib to locate citations. In the "Cite" bar, enter one of the following:

  • the URL for a web source
  • the ISBN of a book
  • the DOI or PMID number of an article
  • the title of a source

You may get more consistent results if you enter the ISBN or DOI. But if none of the above work, click Manual Entry to enter citation fields. 

Can I Save My Work in ZoteroBib?

Your bibliography appears on the page as you add sources. Use the blue bar to choose your citation style. ZoteroBib stores your work in the browser on the computer you're currently using.  Clearing the browser cache deletes the bibliography.

Use the Link to This Version feature to create a copy of the bibliography you can send to someone else.

Get more details about how it works here.

In-text Citations in ZoteroBib

To create an in-text citation or footnote, click the copy button to the right of the source and enter the page number you're citing. Then click Copy Citation and paste it into your document.