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Tests & Measures in Education

On this page you'll find resources on identifying an educational test or measure you may be interested in, finding the full text, and finding more information about educational testing in general. 

Full-Text Tests at the Library (Selected list)

The search link below will open a saved search in the catalog and will retrieve most test kits owned by the library.  A search for the keyword "test" filtered to "held by library" and resource type "kits" will retrieve most test kits owned by the University Library. 

Find a Test Name (Using Databases and Websites)

Find the names of Educational/Psychological tests and measures using the resources below.  Once you identify the test you need, search for the test in one of our databases or the catalog (see directions further down this page).  Some tests may only be available for direct purchase, but are generally inexpensive (ETS tests are $25, Test reviews are $15.)  Some tests may require you to provide proof of a specialized certification or credential to access and use.  Your librarian may be able to purchase these for you.  Contact us for help

Tip - In HAPI, search for the title of the test as a “measure” and limit to “review source.”  These might connect to full text.  If not, proceed to Interlibrary loan

Finding Tests in Published Articles

Tips for finding tests in the above databases: 

  • In PsycINFO, try searching the topic and combine with the term "appended" and the field "test and measure."
  • In PsychINFO, look up topic in "Test and Measures."
  • In Health & Psychosocial Instruments, try searching by topic, TI Title, or AC Acronym, etc. Limit by Source Code.  Primary (to find actual test), Secondard (to find studies that use the test), or Review Source to find reviews of the test.
  • In ERIC (Ebscohost), enter your subject term (reading comprehension) and combine with "tests/questionnaires" and limit to Publication type. 
  • In CINAHL, enter a test name or keyword and limit to instrumentation.  Combine with AND appendix and limit to TX All Text field. You might find samples of tests in the appendix of an article. 
  • Search tips for Google Scholar and other databases.  Go to the advanced search screen of  Google Scholar or appropriate database. Enter your topic, keywords, audience, etc. Type questionnaire OR survey OR inventory OR scale OR instrument, etc. on the next line  (Search abstract or all text.) Type appendix (Search all text.  Sometimes an instrument will be appended to an article.)