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Genealogy: Exploring Your Roots: IDS 3332

A guide to genealogy resources on the Web and in the Florida Gulf Coast University Library

More Than Just Names & Dates

Humans do not exist in a vacuum of names and dates. Historical research can help you "fill in the gaps" of your family's history and turn a series of facts into an interesting story. Reading about a time and place in which your ancestors lived can five you a general idea of what they may have experienced in their lifetime. This, in turn, can give you ideas of places to search for missing data, such as war memorials, local newspapers, and travel records.

Lee County Public Library

Fort Myers Regional Library

The Fort Myers Regional Library contains both genealogy resources and trained staff who can provide you assistance. Find more information on their services HERE

Beginning Steps

  • Keep your research organized electronically and physically.
  • Start with living relatives, if possible, and work your way back.
  • After family, the next step in researching is within the local community, then state, then national. 
  • Consider joining genealogical societies in communities where your ancestors lived.
  • Identify key factors in the life of your ancestors like a city, event, organization, or person.
  • Consider interesting social or cultural activities your ancestors were interested in. 

Record Locations

  • Family member and home sources
  • Town/City Hall
  • County Courthouse
  • Local or state historical/genealogical societies
  • Family history centers
  • State archives
  • Federal archives research centers
  • State court/judicial archives
  • Church archives
  • Business archives
  • Public/state libraries
  • Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS)
  • Seminaries/denominational colleges
  • School district adminitrative offices
  • Social security administration
  • Cemeteries