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Comics, Graphic Novels, & Manga

A guide to finding graphic novels and scholarly resources about graphic novels studies in the FGCU collection.

Welcome to the Comics, Graphic Novels, & Manga Research Guide!

Getting Started

This guide will help you locate information about comics, graphic novels, and manga at the FGCU Library, including those materials as well as scholarly materials talking about them.

FGCU offers many classes that use graphic novels as texts, including Composition, Interdisciplinary Studies, and the Humanities. Visual literacy - the ability to interpret visual images - is an increasingly important part of literacy. Skills used to decipher films, fine art, and graphic novels are arguably even more complicated than those required to understand the written word. The Association of College and Research Libraries created competency standards for learning and teaching these skills.

What is a "Graphic Novel"

A comic explaining what a graphic novel is: sequential art, a medium not a genre

Credit for this comic goes to Jessica Abel