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Comics, Graphic Novels, & Manga

Comics Studies & Research

Comics studies is a growing academic field of research that focuses on comics theory, historiography, philosophy, and criticism. While FGCU doesn't have a specific comics study program, we do have several classes that incorporate comics study into the curriculum. If you find yourself in need of research materials, the FGCU Library can help!

Many of the academic books about comics and manga are found in the same section: PN 6710 through PN 6790, found on this shelf on the Library East second floor: 

Searching the Catalog

You can also search the catalog for search terms like comics, manga, university (for university press), "graphic novel," and whatever theme you're researching (ie: gender, race, philsophy, etc). 

Understanding Comics

A great title to start with is Scott McCloud's Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art. This seminal work breaks down every element of graphic novels, from their origins (a lot longer ago than you probably think!) to the use of color. It's written in the format of a graphic novel and is a fun and informative read. We have two copies on course reserve at the front circulation desk.