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University Archives & Special Collections' Guide

A list of primary source collections that may be of interest to students who have majors related to Art and Design
FGCU Collections Related to Art and Design:

The following collections have been selected as primary source collections that may be of interest to students who have majors related to Art and Design. Please note, University Archives and Special Collections offer a whole plethora of collections that can be used for research projects or assignments. 

Artist Book Collection

Artist’s books are a platform for personal expression created without censorship or outside influence. They are a medium of expression that employs the structure of a book as an inspiration while challenging the conventional contents of a printed volume. Artists’ books are produced in limited numbers and are classified as works of art, typically produced by a single creator. The Artist Book Collection at FGCU’s Archives and Special Collections features books from the 1970s to the present day. 

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Charles A. Ray Photojournalism Collection

Photojournalist Charles Ray documented the second half of the twentieth century with an unerring eye and an incomparable nose for news. The Charles A. Ray Photography Collection includes photographs, audiotapes, videotapes, periodicals, newspapers, 16mm film, and other professional mementos from major events in American history:

  • Presidential Campaigns
  • the Civil Rights Movement
  • NASA's Space Race
  •  the Kennedys and the tragic end of Camelot 

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Doug MacGregor's Southwest Florida Cartoon Collection

Doug MacGregor has been a cartoonist for over 40 years and has created cartoons for the Fort Myers News-Press from 1988 - 2011. The collection contains sketches spanning MacGregor's career with the Fort Myers News-Press.

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Floridiana Collection

Materials included in the Floridiana collection include maps, postcards, and publications (1730-1970) pertaining to the development of Florida, government ordinances, and government reports relating to Florida. 

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FGCU Art Galleries' Permanent Collection

The FGCU Art Galleries' Permanent Collection consists primarily of two-dimensional works from the mid-20th century to the present. Notable artists represented in the collection include Harvey Littleton, Warrington Colescott, and Ann Wolff. The collection focuses on works of art that have the potential to address complex relationships between art and larger social issues such as cultural diversity, global awareness, social justice, intellectual, and spiritual understanding. 



three women in long dresses on a stage.

The Koreshan Collection 

The Koreshan Collection presents materials that represent the daily life of the Koreshan settlement in Southwest Florida. Founded by Dr. Cyrus Teed, the Koreshan Unity was a faith-based group that quickly grew into a self-reliant township complete with a functioning economy and source of electricity. In 1961, the remaining members donated the land site to the State of Florida for historic preservation. The Koreshan State Park is open to the public.

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Tolley Fish Journal Collection

The collection consists of 75 linear feet of rare fish (ichthyology) journals, dating from 1769-2010. The collection is arranged in alphabetical order by creator's last name. 

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Turner 1920's Land Boom Collection

The Land Boom in the 1920s changed the landscape of Florida, causing the population to rise and the Florida economy to boom, helping to create the Florida that is today. The Turner 1920s Florida Land Boom collection consists of publications, advertisements, photographs, and research done by Gregg M. Turner. 


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Turner Railroad Collection

In the fall of 2014, scholar Gregg M. Turner gifted Florida Gulf Coast University with an extensive collection of east coast railroad history. Turner is considered one of the foremost authorities of Florida railroads. The collection consists of bonds, publications, advertisements, photographs, and administrative material dating back to 1830 that Turner used to meticulously research and illustrate four books on the history of railroads in the Sunshine State. 

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Zine Collection

Zines, derived from magazines, are alternative publications constructed using inexpensive, easily accessible materials. Zines, as a genre, have historically been used by political, social, and counterculture movements to easily and inexpensively proliferate information. The collection has a strong focus on sexual assault, women's studies, and the LGBTQIA+ community. Note that language is a constantly evolving construct and therefore the tags, keywords, and subject headings attributed to the zines may be considered unacceptable by contemporary and future standards as well as social norms. The archives intent is to preserve the historical record which may include harmful language when viewed through a 21st century lens. To modify the language would be an act of erasure of the lived experience of the creator.

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