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University Library Policies

Policy #: 2012-02 [PDF Version ]

Approved: 5/1/2012

Responsible Administrator: Dean University Library

Responsible Office: Customer Services Department


Library staff will provide reasonable assistance to persons with disabilities in accordance with university policy and federal regulations. “Florida Gulf Coast University" ("FGCU" or the "University") is committed to equal opportunity and access for persons with disabilities. The University will comply with all provisions of state and federal laws in this regard and will provide, upon request, reasonable accommodations to qualified persons with a disability. This includes complying with the American with Disabilities Act Amendments Act of 2008 ("ADA") which covers qualified individuals with a disability and provides reasonable accommodations and access.”

FGCU Disability Access and Reasonable Accommodation Policy (1.008) and Procedure


To comply with legal or regulatory requirements and University policy.


This policy applies to all Library users, who are individuals with a disability. The Library, in alliance with the Office of Institutional Equity and Compliance, and the Office of Adaptive Services, is accountable for compliance with this policy.


University policy defines people with disabilities in two categories, as listed below. Non-affiliated visitors to the Library are in the first category. The second category is for students, staff and faculty of the university and allows them to register their disability and accommodation needs with the Office of Adaptive Services.

  • Individual with a Disability - Any person who has a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities, has a record of such impairment, or is regarded as having such impairment.
  • Qualified Individual with a Disability - With respect to employment, a person with a disability who, with or without reasonable accommodation, can perform the job's essential functions.
  • With respect to education, a student who, with or without reasonable accommodation, meets the essential eligibility requirements for the receipt of services or participation in the program/activity.
  • Reasonable Accommodation - Modifications to the work environment, educational environment or to the manner or circumstances under which the position/educational assignment is customarily performed, that enable a qualified individual with a disability to perform the job's essential function or the educational assignment or modifications that enable a covered entity's employee or student with a disability to enjoy the benefits and privileges of employment or education.

PROCEDURES (if applicable)

Library Responsibilities:

  • The library building is accessible and in compliance with the Architectural Barriers Act of 1968, the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, their amendments; and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and subsequent revisions.
  • All Library faculty and staff are responsible for ensuring that students or other visitors with disabilities receive equal access to all Library services and activities; and that reasonable accommodations are made as required.
  • Library staff with questions as to how to proceed with an accommodation request should consult a supervisor, or the Associate Dean, University Library.
  • The Library will include on web pages, flyers, bulletins, and signage, a notice on how and where disabled users may receive assistance when reasonable accommodations are required to access facilities or participate in library sponsored activities.

Library User Responsibilities:

  • Patrons with disabilities may expect assistance on demand whenever practicable with services and resources including retrieval of library materials, interlibrary loan requests, access to microform and Course Reserve materials, and use of the open computer labs.
  • Visitors needing reasonable accommodations that are not immediately available may request assistance at the Library Customer Services Desk at (239) 590-7610.
  • Library users may contact the Customer Service Department at 239-590-7610 to make prior arrangements regarding reasonable accommodations for planned library visits. Services that may require prior arrangements include research consultations with subject liaison librarians, retrieval of multiple library items, or extensive copying of library materials.
  • FGCU students may register with the Office of Adaptive Services for general support services and reasonable accommodations throughout the campus. (For additional information, contact Adaptive Services at 239-590-7956 or


Service Animals - The ADA recognizes only dogs as service animals and their owners have disability rights as defined by ADA requirements.

  • Only dogs are permitted in the Library as assistive animals, in compliance with ADA requirements. See
  • No registration documentation for the dog, or identification card for the user, is required, other than the same ID required of all users to perform certain library transactions.
  • When there is doubt as to whether the dog is a service animal, Library staff may only make two inquires of the library user: (a) Is the dog a service animal used due to a disability? (b) What work or task has the dog been trained to
    perform? If the response does not comply with Library policy, the animal will not be allowed in the Library building.

Requests for Reasonable Accommodation:

  • For reasonable accommodation and service support throughout campus, requests must be submitted to the Office of Adaptive Services. Final records of all requests for reasonable accommodation are submitted to the Office of Adaptive Services where they will be retained for the minimum period required by state law.


  • Any job applicant, employee, student or visitor may file a complaint regarding an alleged violation of university policy by following the procedures set forth in the Non-Discrimination and Anti-harassment Complaint Policy and Procedures. All complaints will be acknowledged and answered by the Office of Institutional Equity and Compliance, according to University guidelines.


Appendix A: FGCU Disability Access and Reasonable Accommodation Policy (1.008) and Procedure

Appendix B: Americans with Disabilities Act Website

Appendix C: ADA 2010 Revised Requirements. Service Animals.