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University Library Policies

Policy #: 2012-01 [PDF Version ]

Approved: 5/4/2012

Responsible Executive: Dean University Library

Responsible Office: Research, Scholarship & Instruction Department


The FGCU Library assists participants in advanced or accelerated high school programs through hosting student group visits and providing information and instruction on the use of academic library resources for research assignments.


This policy exists to provide information and assure uniform FGCU library services to high school students participating in accelerated high school programs and requesting group visits to the University Library.


This policy is applicable to High School students in accelerated academic programs located in the FGCU service area, their program leaders, teachers and/or Media Specialists requesting group visits to the Library; and FGCU Library employees responsible for providing the requested services.


Accelerated or advanced high school programs are those authorized by Florida statute for use in supporting fast-track entrance and completion of post-secondary education.

  • AICE: Advanced International Certificate of Education (AICE) - The Advanced International Certificate of Education Program and the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (pre-AICE) Program in which eligible secondary students are enrolled in programs of study offered through the Advanced International Certificate of Education Program or the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (pre-AICE) Program administered by the University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate. (Florida Statute. 48.1007.27(9))
  • AP: Advanced Placement Program is a program that allows the enrollment of an eligible secondary student in a course offered through the Advanced Placement Program administered by the College Board (Florida statute.48. 1007.27(6).
  • IB: The International Baccalaureate Program is the curriculum in which eligible secondary students are enrolled in a program of studies offered through the International Baccalaureate Organization Program administered by the International Baccalaureate Office IB is an advanced, comprehensive program of study that is designed to meet various international university entrance standards. The program is offered only on selected high school campuses in Florida (through an application process) and administered by the International Baccalaureate Office based in Switzerland. (Florida Statute 48.1007.27(8)

PROCEDURES (if applicable)

General Procedures:

  • The FGCU Library will consider requests from high school library media specialists or accelerated program leaders, for student group visits in support of academic assignments.
  • Contact the Research, Scholarship & Instruction Department at to arrange group visits.
  • School media specialists or program leaders must contact the library at least three weeks before the date of the proposed visit
  • The Library can accommodate no more than 40 students per group. Each visiting group must be well supervised, with a ratio of at least one adult for each group of twenty students.
  • All visitors must adhere to the Library conduct policy and to university rules and regulations while on campus.


  • A Reference Librarian will be assigned to coordinate the group visit with the high school Media Specialist, or Program Director
  • The Librarian will coordinate with Customer Services Department staff when borrowing privileges are requested for students in the group.
  • The Library will forward Minor Borrowing Application forms to the program leader/media specialist in advance of the group visit, when possible.
  • Completed forms, with verification signature and photo ID of a parent/guardian, must be presented at Circulation Desk before a borrower’s card may be issued to minor students.
  • Library borrowing cards will be prepared for each student as completed application forms are received.

Borrowing Privileges:

  • Minor students must have parent/guardian approval to borrow library materials or access FGCU e-resources. Approval is indicated by the signature of the parent/guardian on the completed borrowing application form and copy of the parent/guardian’s photo ID.
  • The student cardholder is responsible for all transactions made with the Library card, unless/until card is reported lost/stolen to the Library.
  • Minor students may not have more than two items charged out to their library account at one time.

Bills and Fines:

  • Overdue, damaged, and lost materials policies apply to all library cardholders including high school students. See Library Borrowing Policy for more information.
  • Parent/guardian signature indicates assent to ultimate responsibility for bills/fines incurred through the use of their minor student’s borrowing card.
  • The High School Program Director, Media Specialist, and parent/guardian are expected to assist FGCU Library with the return of library materials, and/or the collection of fines and bills for overdue, damaged, or lost materials.

Library Tours:

  • In order to avoid disruption of normal services for primary clientele, Library tours are generally brief and confined to the main service areas. However, students are welcome to browse the entire building individually, or in small groups, without escort, at the end of instruction sessions.

Computing Lab:

  • Visiting students are welcome in the open computing lab for research purposes when space is available.
  • Computer users are required to comply with all applicable user conduct codes, rules, laws and regulations governing the use of technology resources at FGCU. For more information see Technology Acceptable Use and Procedures policy.

Printing and Copying Services:

  • Printing and photocopying services are available throughout the Library building at cost to the student.
  • Prints and copies require the purchase of a print/photocopy card, available from a card dispenser in the Library. (The card dispensers require dollar bills and do not supply change for larger bills.)

Books and Journals:

  • The Library has over 400,000 books in print and electronic formats. Printed works are shelved in Library of Congress Classification System order in open book stacks.
  • A university Eagle ID or FGCU Library issued borrowing card is required to charge out library
  • Print journals are accessible from the open stacks, but are not circulating items (cannot be charged out.).

Electronic Resources:

  • The Library offers unfiltered access to the Internet and World Wide Web resources.
  • The Library provides access to over 350 research databases supporting the academic programs offered by FGCU.
  • Technical assistance is available to users of the computing lab from Library support staff.
  • An E-Journal portal is available to access online journals and newspapers.
  • E-Books may be accessed online through the Library catalog.
  • Remote access to research databases is available to high school students only through the Florida PASS program. See below for additional information.


Additional resources available to high school students are:

  • Library Research Guides – Subject guides of resources, created by FGCU Librarians to support reference/research needs of users. Access the research guides from the Library home page.
  • Library Help & Instruction Page – Online handouts and tutorials to assist users in varied areas of library research. Access from the Library home page.
  • Florida Electronic Library – Statewide online resource offering free access to a variety of online reference and research databases with full-text articles.
  • Florida Pass - FLA-PASS program provides Florida's public high school students, in accelerated educational tracks, access to a subset of online resources used within Florida’s
    State University and College systems. Access to FLA-PASS requires that the high school administration registers eligible students and provide each with a username and password.
    For more information see the FLA-PASS website at: