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Reading Lists (Leganto)

Enable Reading Lists in Canvas Courses

To access and use Reading Lists in your Canvas Courses, you'll need to enable Reading Lists in each course in which you want to display a reading list. You have two options for adding reading lists to Canvas:

Add Reading Lists to course navigation

1. Log in to Canvas and navigate the course where you would like to use reading list. 

2. Select Settings at the bottom of the left sidebar.

3. Select Navigation

screenshot of canvas

4. Scroll all the way down to the end of the list of navigation elements. Find Reading Lists and enable. Make sure to click save after you enable. Scroll down if you do not see the Save button.

screenshot of enabling a navigation element in CanvasNow you will see "Reading Lists" show up in the side navigation for your course. ​​​​​​screenshot of canvas


From here, you can create a new list for this course or associate a list that is already in your reading list account to this course.

Add Reading Lists to Modules in Canvas courses

Instead or in addition to adding the reading list as a course navigation item, you can insert reading lists in your canvas course modules.

Go to the module where you want to add a link to a reading list. Add an item to the module.

screenshot of canvas

Add an "external tool."

screenshot of canvas

Select Reading Lists from the list of external tools. Rename it if you want and add item. 

screenshot of canvas