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Reading Lists (Leganto)

Create a new list

If you enable reading lists in Canvas and there no reading list associated with your course already you will see a screen like this:

screenshot of new list screen

When you click "Create new list" you will be taken through the steps to create a new list associated with this course. You'll give the list a name and a description if desired. You will be able to select from a list of templates with pre-built sections for organization (which you can change later). And then you will be able to start adding items to your list.

Work with an existing list

If a reading lists already exists for your course because the library has added course reserves or textbooks owned by the library, the list will appear in Canvas if you enable it. After you add the reading list element to the course navigation and click on it, the list will automatically appear. Make sure the list is published if you want students to be able to see it. You can continue to add items to this list however you would like using the blue "Add" button.

screenshot of a reading list in a canvas course with the Add button circled