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Reading Lists (Leganto)

Add Content to Your Reading List

1. You can search for library materials in Leganto to add to your reading list sections. 

2. Click the blue Add Items + button to gain access to this feature.

3. To the right of your section, select Library Search to search within the libraries collection, Blank form to add unique items such as book chapters or online materials (OER, youtube videos, etc), Collection for materials that you have curated in the Reading list platform, or to upload a file from your desktop.

screenshot of adding items to reading list

Organize Reading Lists by Sections

1. Create a new section 

2. Title section, for example, Week 1 Readings 

3. Provide a description for section

4. (Optional) Decide when to make readings available by calendar 

5. (Optional) Import your references from a RIS (Refworks), Bibtext, References, or Folder (see instructions to import references)

6. Create your section 

screenshot of adding section in leganto


Publish your List

When you're ready for students to view the reading list, click Publish on the top menu or from the ellipsis menu in the upper left-hand corner of the site. 

screenshot of publish button in leganto

Adding Collaborators to your Reading List

When you associate your course with several sections, the instructors for each section will automatically be added as a collaborator and as an instructor.

You can also add additional collaborators. This can be useful if you would like to share your list with another instructor. There will also be times when you need to add a librarian or library staff to your list to conduct copyright clearance or add new materials that have not been added to the library catalog EagleSearch.


If you would like to add an instructor, staff, or librarian to your list, select the arrow to expand the Collaborators tab.

Please add your librarian if you are going to request copyright clearance or request the library to purchase a new book for your course. 

Select Manage Collaborators

screenshot of adding collaborators in leganto