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Item Type Loan Period Fines Per Hour or Per Day Lost Replacement Cost
Apple Iphone Charger 3 hour loan $1/hr $50.00
Apple Laptop Power Charger 3 hour loan $1/hr $75.00
Basic Calculator 24 hour loan $1/hr $10.00
BluRay player 3 hour loan $1/hr $100.00
Camera Kits 3 day loan $10/hr $300.00
Financial Calculator 24 hour loan $1/hr $75.00
Graphing Calculator 24 hour loan $1/hr $150.00
HDMI Cable 3 hour loan $1/hr $25.00
Headphones 3 hour loan $1/hr $25.00
Laptops 24 hour loan $25/hr $1,000
Marker boxes 3 hour loan $1/hr $10.00
Portable Power Pack 3 hour loan $10/hr $300.00
Scientific Calculator 24 hour loan $1/hr $25.00
Sound Bar 3 hour loan $1/hr $25.00
Tablet 3 hour loan $1/hr $100.00
Universal Laptop Power Charger 3 hour loan $1/hr $75.00
Universal Phone Charger (Android) 3 hour loan $1/hr $50.00
Webcam 3 hour loan $1/hr $100.00