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University Archives & Special Collections' Guide

A list of primary source collections that may be of interest to students who have majors related to Communications and Media
FGCU Collections Related to Communications and Media:

The following collections have been selected as primary source collections that may be of interest to students who have majors related to Communications and Media. Please note, University Archives and Special Collections offer a whole plethora of collections that can be used for research projects or assignments. 

AquilaAquila: The FGCU Student Research Journal

Aquila: The FGCU Student Research Journal publishes exceptional student scholarships from all academic disciplines and levels of study at Florida Gulf Coast University. The journal is published each year and contains research from students across many different disciplines. 

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Charles A. Ray Photojournalism Collection

Photojournalist Charles Ray documented the second half of the twentieth century with an unerring eye and an incomparable nose for news. The Charles A. Ray Photography Collection includes photographs, audiotapes, videotapes, periodicals, newspapers, 16mm film, and other professional mementos from major events in American history:

  • Presidential Campaigns
  • the Civil Rights Movement
  • NASA's Space Race
  •  the Kennedys and the tragic end of Camelot 

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Doug MacGregor's Southwest Florida Cartoon Collection

Doug MacGregor has been a cartoonist for over 40 years and has created cartoons for the Fort Myers News-Press from 1988 - 2011. The collection contains sketches spanning MacGregor's career with the Fort Myers News-Press.

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front page of The Community Voice newspaper. Text overlay in the bottom right hand corner reads "historic newspapers"Historic Newspaper Collection

This collection contains newspapers from various organizations, businesses, service-oriented agencies, historical societies, schools, and businesses in Southwest Florida. The newspapers include Hendry County News, The Fort Myers Press, The Florida Flambeau, The Community Press, and others.

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Oral History Collection

An oral history interview is a type of historical research that takes place through a recorded interview between a narrator and a historian. Our oral history collections provide first-hand experience of events and life in Southwest Florida. We also have oral histories that specifically document the history of Florida Gulf Coast University.

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Marketing and Communications Collection

This collection contains materials created by University Marketing and Communication during the course of benefits. It includes notes, proofs, and prints of past marketing campaigns. It also contains photos, documents, DVDs, VHSs, and digital material produced by Marketing and Communication. 

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University Publications

University Publications is a collection of newspapers, newsletters, and other publications produced by FGCU faculty, staff, and students. Materials in this collection include Eagle News, FGCU360, and Swamp Times.


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Zine Collection

Zines, derived from magazines, are alternative publications constructed using inexpensive, easily accessible materials. Zines, as a genre, have historically been used by political, social, and counterculture movements to easily and inexpensively proliferate information. The collection has a strong focus on sexual assault, women's studies, and the LGBTQIA+ community. Note that language is a constantly evolving construct and therefore the tags, keywords, and subject headings attributed to the zines may be considered unacceptable by contemporary and future standards as well as social norms. The archives intent is to preserve the historical record which may include harmful language when viewed through a 21st century lens. To modify the language would be an act of erasure of the lived experience of the creator.

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