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3d writing bird

3d printed writing bird, a writing aid for those who have difficulty writing for a variety of motor/neurological reasons

3D card holder

3D printed card holder, created for an individual with arthritis who enjoys playing cards but has difficulty maintaining grasp

3D triceratops skull

3D printed replica of a triceratops skull

Glowforge business tag

Business tag create for crafts business 

3D Men-yoroi

3D printed Men-yoroi inspried mask


3D printed fully articulated dragon

Glowforge Ruler

Glowforge Ruler

3D plant pot

3D printed plant pot

3D X-Wing Pilot Box

3D printed X-Wing Pilot Box

3D outlet cover

3D printed outlet cover

3D mechanical iris

3D printed mechanical iris

Glowforge Fishing Prototype

Prototype of fishing line cutter made with the Glowforge

3D bolts

3D printed bolts

3D nuts

3D printed nuts for bolts 

3D car mount

3D printed car mount

3D CO2 adapter

3D printed CO2 adapter

3D cookie cutter

3D printed cookie cutter

3D counter

3D printed counter

3D dice tower

3D printed dice tower

3D drone life jacket

3D printed drone life jacket

3D Buildiing

3D print of a scaled down assisted living facility

Glowforge Anchor Patch

Leather patch with an anchor engraving

3D Baby Groot

3D print of Baby Groot