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Correct file formatting is essential to the process of designing and eventually creating your part. This can be as simple are orienting the origin of your design and make sure you use the correct tools when designing the CAM files. Here are some essential information when creating your files.

Bantam Tools suggests using Fusion 360 for CAD and CAM designing. Here is a link to the Bantam Fusion 360 Workflow.

Here is a list of tools we currently have in the Creative Commons.

1/4" 2-flute ball end mill      1/4" 2-flute flat end mill        1/4" 45º chamfer tool          1/8" 2-flute flat end mill       1/8" 2-flute ball end mill
1/32" 2-flute flat end mill     1/64" 2-flute flat end mill      1/100" 2-flute flat end mill   80º metal engraving bit       1/8” Ball End Mill
1/16” Ball End Mill              1/8” Flat End Mill                  1/16” Flat End Mill              1/32” Flat End Mill                1/64” Flat End
Metal Engraving Bit, 0.005 PCB Engraving Bit, 0.005"   Ball End Mill, 1/8"               Ball End Mill, 1/16"               Flat End Mill, 1/32"