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Glowforge Learn is an online community that has everything from videos showing different uses and guides to forums where users discuss a variety of topics.


Inkscape is a free and open source vector graphics editor, essential for creating SVG files which can be used with the Glowforge.

Correct formatting for Glowforge prints

To begin creating a print for the Glowforge you must determine what parts of your print will be cut, scored, or engraved. It is important for the submitted file to be correct in both file type and formatting within the file. Any submitted files that do not follow this convention will be placed on hold until correct formatting is submitted.

Print Definitions by File Type

The best format to submit your file as is an SVG, or scalable vector graphic. An SVG file will cover all bases for each of the corresponding aspects of printing, cut, score, and engrave. PNG and JPEG can only be used for engraving as these are bitmap file types and thus are not conducive to either the cut or score functionalities of the Glowforge. 

Cut- The laser will use a line defined as a cut to separate the print from the rest of the material. The file types supported are SVG or PDF.

Score- The laser will use a line defined as a score to burn the line into the surface of the material. The file types supported are SVG or PDF.

Engrave- The laser will use a line defined as an engrave to carve the line into the material. The file types supported are PNG, JPEG, SVG, or PDF.

Successful File Format

Here is an example of a successful print created in Inkscape. The red line dictates the areas that will be cut by the machine, blue for the areas that will be engraved, and pink will be scored by the machine. Each of the defined lines, cut, score, and engrave should be their own separate layer. This convention should be used for all submitted files as a way to streamline the printing process and to alleviate any confusion.

Note: Please use a value of 255 only in the red channel for cut, 255 in the blue channel for engrave, and a value of 255 in both red and blue for score.